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I never thought I'd write my first ever devlog on building something in Javascript, which pretty much remained the most mysterious language in my

head until last month, when Karthik and I started working on BadgeIt[1].

Came a long way from staring at JS/JQuery and wondering what the hell does

that piece of code do, in the past 4 weeks. Feels good.

Had this issue when we tiled the badges that browser scales it up and it

doesn't match the input size in inputs. Solved it by fixing size in CSS

physical units. But over a 100 badges, with high res images like 300 dpi,

it crashed the browser :/ So found this neat library, jspdf[2], and now,

one can print all badges to PDF, fixing paper size and orientation of their

choice. And guess what, thanks to HTML5 FS api, 23.5mb pdf's create and

download in the blink of an eye. Yay!

Went on to add Sign in with Google to keep track of User info. The Google

Javascript client api is in bad need of better docs. Karthik wrote App

Engine Java service to store user info in the datastore, so we can write to

them for sample badges and stuff.

Added social plugins using AddThis[3], and minor UI improvements to the

site. Some more polishing before pushing to prod today. Should write blog

on how this app was built soon.

[0] - http://github.com/makkarlabs/badgeit

[1] - http://github.com/MrRio/jspdf [2] - http://addthis.com

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