Devlog: Of Flask and Chennai Geeks

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I wrote my last devlog way back in time - Oh my goodness, in September. So I'm just gonna touch upon all I did over the last 5 months.


BadgeIt[1] had many updates built into it in October, for the Google Apps

Developer Challenge[2]. We made saving to Drive and opening a project from

drive possible, cleaned up the UI and made it kickass. And well, mid

November, we won the Challenge. Big big day.

In the beginning of Jan, we built a locally running customized version of

BadgeIt for our college alumni meet, that allowed generating and printing

badges live during the registration. Five desks with printers setup, badges

being printed for over 400 people that came that day - sweet victory.

Chennai Geeks website [3]

The last 2 devlogs that Karthik wrote covered Facebook-group-log[4], a cron

job that fetches data from facebook open groups and puts it in our

database, so we can build something useful out of it.

We'd been running the job on the Chennai Geeks group[5], plus, we wanted to

build a website for Chennai Geeks, so we started off combining the 2 ideas

and building the site using flask[6]. I first set up a Sphinx[7] search

server with the data. Then we built other things like a leader board,

popular posts board, post count graphs, and permalinking posts, so you can

view the entire thread without even logging into facebook, letting non

Facebook users in on our awesome conversations.

I wrote about this on the Chennai geeks blog[8]. Similar websites are

coming up for Bangalore Startups, and probably for Chennai OCC as well.

Improve Your Pitch [9]

This is probably the first thing we are building off somebody else's idea,

but it was Dorai's, so doesn't count I guess. The idea is to build a

StackOverflow/Quora like app for people to pitch their ideas and get their

pitch validated by the community, through ratings and comments/suggestions.

This was flask project number 2, we have the basic MVP level stuff now - a

lot more work coming up. The code for this is on bitbucket because it might

turn commercial some day.

Chennai Geeks hackathon

It was awesome fun putting together the first Chennai Geeks hackathon[10]

this weekend. Need to write blog on the hacks that were presented there.

Karthik and I built a small wikipedia gadget that traces the pages you

visit in wikipedia, (see xkcd 214), and builds a tree out of it. Check this

sample tree out[11]. ScriptDevil pointed out such a firefox extension

already exists, but who cares ;) It was fun anyway.

Okay that's a lot of stuff compressed into one devlog. Somebody shoot me if

I don't write these more frequently(Okay, don't glare at me, Yuvi).


[1] Website:, Code:


[3] Wesite :, Code:









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