Community and Beauty

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For the past few months, I've been involved in organizing events, meetups and hackathons for geek communities in Chennai, and been mind blown - at the beauty of it all. Some of those beautiful moments:

  1. Chennai Geeks hackathons - I've run hackathon like events at college. Running them, was arduous. Running around for sponsorship, space to host, internet, publicity of the event, and what not. When I help organize the Chennai geeks hackathons, it happens almost magically. RailsFactory or Thoughtworks always welcome us. They set up wifi for us, give us free caffeine and snacks. Companies in the community spring up to sponsor. For our hardware hackathon, Dexter Industries swarmed us with components. Mentors like Surendranath and Nirmal walked in to help. We just went to the venue, and the hackathon happened. Just like that.

2. Devfest Women - This one's close to my heart. It's always been my dream to work towards making more room for women in technology, and when there was a chance to volunteer for the Google Developer Group DevfestW, I offered to help. I talked to Dorai about the event, and he pointed me to the right speakers. I found the others through Chennai geeks. Invited them, they more than gladly came, from Pune, Bangalore, Chennai - just for the pleasure of interacting with more girls of the same flock. The event was beautiful.  

  1. Hosting the Chennai geeks site - This just happened today. We host the Chennai Geeks community website on our personal Webfaction shared hosting instance. It maxed out on memory recently. I asked the lovely Chennai Geeks folks on facebook if someone could help us host such community projects elswehere. With help from Vijay Anand, and Tarun from E2E networks, we had a VPS instance for Chennai geeks - in a matter of minutes. 3 others offered to help. Beauty, again.

Working with and being part of such geek communities has made me new person. Nothing happens for money or fame - there is true openness, and love for the sense of contribution. It's beautiful.

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