Devlog Week 4: Clojure Game Built

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This week I completed building the Chain Reaction game I started building the previous week. I previously built it in Javascript (Play) , and it was super fun building it in Clojure (Code).

There are some key differences to the approach I had for the game in Clojure and in JS. Although, after building the game in Clojure, I knew I could have built it similarly in Javascript, but the approach was intuitive in Clojure.

  1. Separation of Concerns

In JS, I used the Fabric canvas library to build the game, and all the UI code along with board state was all in one big hotchpotch. (/me cringes). I separated the layers clean in Clojure, the core game logic is a clean interface, and there is one method to get the updated state of the board given the old board, player, and move, and one to check if there is a winner.

  1. No huge N*N array to store EVERYTHING.

In JS, I had a n*n matrix for board size n, and had all the cell and orb UI objects along with their state (/me cringes) dumped into it. When I built it in Clojure, I had a map with the following structure that only had the cells that had any orbs in it.

{ row {col {:owner owner, :curr_orbs curr_orbs :max_orbs max_orbs} } }
  1. No nuking state.

The entire game in JS worked by modifying the global data structure for the board and the variables for the current player. With all that absent in clojure, getting a new board and player happens functionally, which is super clean.

  1. No Fancy UI.

This is just me deciding it is pointless to build a game in Swing, and building a pretty printed version on the console instead.

Many such differences, but key idea: just by picking up Clojure as a tool to build the game, the same stupid programmer me who wrote cluttered code in JS 2 months back, can write clean code, which is what I find amazing about the language and the functional approach. I've also fallen in love with the map, reduce, and filter functions, and wondering how I lived without those till now.

Apart from the game, I made some more progress on the Intro to Statistics class I was taking. This week should see more mileage on that.

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