This weekend's been so much fun. Thanks to the temperatures being around 20°C the whole time. In the spirit of being liberated to walk around without any winter ammunition whatsoever, you can pretty much guess what I was up to. Well yeah. Walking. Quite a bit. But other things too. I discovered the awesomeness of walking without the jacket when walking to HackerSchool on Friday. As soon as I went in, got some work done and was already restless to be out. Went on a long walk back and forth to Union square on the usual Hot chocolate mission. Talking of being restless, this whole week's been like that for me, because the weather out is so good, and I'm itching to step out as soon as the clock strikes 6. Among random window shopping walks on Canal, my Thursday which started with salad for lunch, ummm progressed to hot chocolate and cookie to Pizza at Amici II in Soho's Little Italy and culminated with sweet chocolate crepe in Eight turn crepe. So much for healthy lunch. Back to Friday. Cutting across my pointless wanderings on Avenue of the Americas, friends from college lured me to the Madame Tussaud's museum near Times Square. Though expensive to visit, I had an amazing time at the museum, dumb copycat posing of celebrities and watching the 4D Marvel Superhero movie :D DSC01472 DSC01623 On Saturday, I stepped out to Union Square and lunched with Laura at Pret, a kinda nice place that makes handmade rolls and sandwiches. Basking in the awesome weather, we pointlessly strolled to the West Highway after dropping in at Chelsea Market, walked downtown, made our way up to Broadway, and back to Union Sq. On instinct we decided to go up to the Grand central station, and, the lights, the lovely architecture and the grandeur, made the visit worth our while. I headed home a couple of hours later after more unintentional walking thanks to the chaotic subway schedules in the weekends in NYC. Although now should be the part where I was extremely tired and crashed, the day got better when HaSc-er Patrick invited us all to a play by the Drunk Shakespeare(!?) Society, at Quinn's bar, a short walk from my place. Shakespeare? Drunk? I had to see that! I headed up there, and it was pretty much the craziest thing I've ever seen. What happened there stays there. All there is to say is it was nuts. And that it involved an auctioned throne for king and queen and a dance off on Michael Jackson's Beat it instead of the final war between Macbeth and Macduff. No more. I quietly lazed at home all day on Sunday, and went out to a nice little concert where HackerSchooler Jeff Fowler was playing the guitar and bass. It was at a rather quiet new bar in Brooklyn called Friends and Lovers. DSC01705 <Awesome music and awesome weekend />